[image 1] Res Publica, 2019
Live stream website, monitor
media player, cables

Res Publica

Live stream hacked webcam for discussion on
the sharing economy and open-source everything.
OSS lives online where source codes and
softwares are made available for sharing,
modification and redistribution. Res publica
contributes to the proposition of OSS application
in the offline commons.

What if everyone becomes a sharer? – Raphael
Wasserbaura, Tomohiko Sakaoa, Maria Ljunggren
Söderman, Andrius Plepys and Carl Dalhammar

Only a restoration of open-source culture, and all
that enables across the full spectrum of open-source
possibilities can allow humanity to harness the
distributed intelligence of the collective.
– Robert David Steele, The Open-Source Everything
Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust