[image 1–3] Plant Data, 2021
Two-channel sound, 24 hour loop
Fraxinus excelsior trees, laptops
speakers, stands, cables, data

Plant Data
Museu História Natural

Pushing back on biosensing techniques to open
up new ideas on plant intelligence and harmonics
with latest data acquistion technology from the
Laboratory of Plant Ecology, Ghent University
Belgium. Plant Acoustic Emission data or AE data
has never been recorded as audible sound, only
numerical data. There are two sound systems in
the work, both based on AE data and extruded
into two time signatures. The first system plays
thousands of events in humanised real time and
the second system interprets the solar path where
sound arcs in and out of the piece over 24 hours.
The solar arc is significant in AE data. Activity lies
nearly dormant during the night: solar altitude:
zero degrees: builds as the sun rises to noon:
solar altitude: ninety degrees: and subsides
again as the earth spins about the axis.

Collaboration with Mariana Sottomayor
and Stefaan Van Leuven

Contemporary HUM