Plant Data
Jun 06. – Jul 04. 21
Museu História Natural
MHNC-UP, Porto

Plant Intelligence
Faculty of Science 
Dept. of Biology, FCUP
2020 –21

Studio Programme
Mobility + Research
Turin, Italy

2020 +

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Continuity Forum
12 – 28 Oct. 2019 
Galeria do Sol, Porto

Commissioned by Vitor Israel
Photography by Victor Staaf

Ground floor: 01. Upheavals, video, sound, hanging monitor, 12 stools. 02. Progress (ed. 1-10), inkjet prints mounted in glass mount. Stairs: 03. Sublime attitude, ninja turtles boxing glove with palm. 1st floor: 04. El condor pasa, video booth, sound, monitor, continuous shower curtain, text written by artist and presented as a sound and video amalgam.

June – July 2019
Artes, Porto

Commissioned by Luisa Mota
Photography by Carlos Campos
Sound: Yota Ayaan and Xavier Paes

The first work one encounters upon entering the gallery is an invisible wall that the artist has projected into the space. On it hang flags of Earth’s geographic grid system resembling the UN flag or the little known, International Flag of Planet Earth. But the lines suggest an unfinished planetary design. They give us an image of the planet not yet rendered, consistent with the lack of consensus regarding the current state of our world.

On the other side of this wall, and framed by the backside of the blue flags, is a series of monochromatic engravings of classical greek statues, ancient authorities. The authority of these figures, as that of the flags are, however, defaced by pencilled ruminations - in the spirit of graffiti - on climate change, savage economies and other competitive contemporary modalities associated with globalism and globalization.

On the floor and around this wall, the artist has orchestrated a series of everyday objects: TV monitors emit a blue hue made up of handheld camera footage of rhythmic human and non-human movements - as well as cleaning articles assembled as figures of plants and perhaps animals - and speakers broadcasting a noisy field of analog sound. Surely the blue is not gratuitous. It is the blue in which flags unfurl, the one that distinguishes our planet from others and the blue that could eventually swallow us all, if sea levels continue to rise.

Interestingly, all of the works in Omega are unnamed. The artist’s use of content over semantics and of a non-hierarchical organizational structure inside the glass-walled Artes gallery gives the exhibition opacity. Omega is a symbol of the last, best, or final nature of something and this may well be the artist’s intention too: to drown the manipulated perspectives, multiple contradictions, and the irrational involvements currently inherent in the way we are attempting to keep our commitment to the planet but also to raise instead a phenomenal unity amongst all.

Text by Joana Rafael

Learning without language
April 12. 2019
RDC516, Porto

Duration: 11:32:00

Performance by Sara Santervás

How does curated identity look when unconcerned with approval? Learning without language explores freedom, identity and digital representation of self through video portraiture.


The Basket

we do get so used to what we get used to and forget we are currently on a spinning planetary orb, in deep outer space, hung perfectly amongst the celestial spheres with the most miraculous and unfathomable precision. our planet, could surely only be described as nothing less than paradise if viewed remotely. if seen from orbit.

if countless other miracles of physics and nature occur around us and within us every second of the day, then why not this? why couldn’t one be able to see with the mind? we send data through the airwaves and microwave soup through now naturalised tech.

and while we carry out our mundane lives in our private universes our bodies are just there, all the while, functioning entirely without our instruction. if the daily chores of bodily function were left up to us things may not go so well.

our hearts beat without fail. lungs breathe for decades despite our best efforts to smoke and eat burgers. we can and do know things. in natural ways, that defy logic and scientific expression. perceptions often just come in to us from places beyond rationale.

excerpt from the basket

– excerpt from upheavals

(俳句 (俳句 (俳句

Three days of silence
(俳句 (俳句 (俳句
Kamal, 2020

Yota Ayaan
Martin Koskelainen