यो टा

The Basket


Trauma Response
Duplex AIR, Lisbon
Nov 11 – Dec 03

Group exhibition with Catarina Simão | Filipe Cortez | Juliana Matsumura | Maria Máximo | Marie Antoinette | Theodore Ereira-Guyer | Yota Ayaan

Curated by Judith Hofer

Referring to remote viewing and extra sensory intelligence, The Basket proposes that, in the same way we only understand bits and pieces of non-human consciousness and communication, we are just beginning to grasp the operating principles of our own.

On the floor, underneath a video projection of text and a hanging speaker are specimens of Hericium Erinaceus, denoting parallels in intelligence and sensory communication capacities in human beings and non-human beings, through invisible perception networks. These natural phenomenons can currently only be partially quantified by contemporary physics, under the scope of quantum entanglement.

The Basket tells the story of a fictional protagonist, who came in contact with the topic of telepathy. Rather than evolving technologically towards artificial intelligence, the work feels out other options, such as – that there still might be much to discover within the realms of human intelligence.

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