Yota Ayaan

यो ट

Study 4PD at MHNC-UP

Museu História Natural 
MHNC-UP, Port0

Yota Ayaan
Stefaan Van Leuven

2–Channel audio installation, sound desk, laptop, power cords, stands, speakers

Duration: 9:00
Photography: Carlos Campos

Sound installation consisting of four freestanding human-sized speakers facing each other. A preliminary sketch of Plant Data, a free interpretation of what plant sounds could be. The result is a dreamlike, cosmic and enveloping music. The sounds are slow, soft and vibrant. They mingle with the songs of birds and the wind that resonates between the branches of the trees of the Jardim Botânico. The large window, open to the outside, lets sounds and smells enter the exhibition. This intersection between natural and cultural, art and science, creates a doorway into the green world.

text from Plant Data, Beyond our Understanding of Plant Communication by Alice Bonnot 22.07.2021