यो टा

Plant Spirit



Museu História Natural
MHNC-UP, Porto

Yota Ayaan
Jackson Gore

Video installation: fraxinus excelsior trees, metal frame, home office desk, home office chair, fans, LED lights, sound desk, laptop, power cords, speakers.

Multimedia home office within an illuminated greenhouse structure, plays on a laptop and industrial speakers video recordings of four talks from plant communicators. Featuring community ritual leader Miguel Rivera, researcher and evolutionary ecologist Monica Gagliano, herbalist Mark Jensen and sculptor and indigenous food activist Roxanne Swentzell.

Duration: 1:04:00 loop


At first, and I’m sure you know this, it’s almost utterly overwhelming. Because you suddenly realise that we’re this one little arrogant upstart species, you know, and we’re surrounded by a vibrant, alive, interactive matrix of life. That’s been here for hundreds of millions of years. And we’ve been lost in our thoughts. We’ve been lost in this misguided sense of superiority. And this way that has lead us to a profound sense of separation. In a sense we need to honour the findings of contemporary botany and phytochemistry. We need to honour the folklore and traditional use of medicinal plants. We need to honour the indigenous teachings of plants. But there is this other section of that wheel that involves the dreaming place. It involves that place we call spirit. That place were we find ourselves touched and moved by our encounter with a plant. By an other than human part of the natural world. And that’s where that aliveness enters that wheel. It’s the motor of that whole wheel. That drives it. – Mark Jensen for Plant Spirit

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